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June 14 2017

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When Foggy has sacked Matt and adopted a passive aggressive slogan.

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💛 Heart of Gold 💛 updated! Three new pages are now up on Sparkler Monthly.

If you can’t wait for next week’s pages (+gain access to exclusive art and more), you should definitely consider pledging to our Patreon!

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Wonder Woman covers by Jenny Frison

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Syd Mead concept art from the Blade Runner 30th Anniversary blu-ray still gallery, part two: interiors

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Syd Mead concept art from the Blade Runner 30th Anniversary blu-ray still gallery, part one: exteriors

June 13 2017

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I don’t know why I did this.  But I’m glad I did this.

I put it on a gosh darn shirt. (Finally.)

Want one? Get one.

oh my god yes

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i know its the mets, but this is the coolest shit i’ve ever seen a human being do


Smoove with it too 

This is the kind of shit you see in anime that shows that a certain character is stronger than other characters. 

“Pathetic.  You can’t even hold the bat you dare step to the plate? Have you no respect for the sport?”

reminds me of this gif

Baseball players are to be feared

Reblogging for the last one

^Same for me

They just kept getting progressively more “woah”

much woah

Oh my god this is a lucky universe

christ they called it X Box One X because the acronym is XBOX



Y’all i am livid

This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

June 12 2017

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Twilight but in the style of Welcome to Night Vale

The sun is missing. You haven’t seen it in years, not since the incident. The sky is mourning, draped in black clouds and crying. A feeling of dread sets over you. Welcome, to Forks Washington. 


Listeners, today I have exciting news! A new family moved into town! There are five children and two adults, though not related, each have matching sallow skin and black eyes and they are all ominously beautiful. One of the adults, Carlisle Cullen, is an accomplished doctor who is now employed at the Forks Community Hospital, which is quite strange, considering the building has been vacant for several years. 

Each of the children is attending Forks High School–Go Spartans!–and sits on the edge of the bustling cafeteria, silent, unmoving, with full trays of food in front of them. They don’t seem to blink or breathe as they stare ahead with their black eyes, hungry but not for food. The other students can’t help but stare but feel dread while doing so, as if they aren’t allowed to look. No one has seen them move, but have seen them in their classes sometimes, in new positions, always sitting perfectly still, never breathing, never blinking. The Cullen children are–

Oh, uh, listeners, I appear to have made a factual error earlier in this broadcast. The new family who moved into town, you know, the Cullens, don’t actually have black eyes. My mistake. They’re actually a pleasant gold. Thanks for the correction, intern Kareem!

honestly i would read the hell out of this

Names that John Oliver has called Donald Trump


-America’s wealthiest hemorrhoid
-America’s walking, talking brush fire
-Rome burning in man-form
-An ill-fitting suit full of chickens coming home to roost
-Twitter’s id made manifest
-A sentient circus peanut
-A racist voodoo doll made of discarded cat hair
-A clown made of mummified foreskin and cotton candy
-An upside-down piece of candy corn in a wig made of used medical gauze
-A clear plastic bag filled with cheeseburgers and Confederate flag belt-buckles
-An old piece of luggage covered in Cheese Whiz
-A kidney dropped on the floor at a Super Cuts
-Basically what happens if The Secret gets into the wrong hands


‘here is Bioware’s brand new IP!’

‘it’s an open world co-op game’

June 11 2017

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if Nick is a peaceful robot how come he’s so good at destroying BoS soldiers

June 10 2017


Since joining Tumblr, I’ve met a lot of young queer people. Look, I’m a bisexual man in a gay relationship, and I’m approaching 30. I was still a kid when Matthew Shepard’s story was being covered on the news. I remember thinking, “I better keep my mouth shut about these feelings I’m having.”

And then I met Dominic when I was 12, and people could see how in love we were. And we got the shit beat out of us. The year I met him, some kids in the grade above me held me down against the bleachers in our gym and stomped on my hand until my fingers broke. Instead of sending me to the nurse, the teacher sent me to the assistant principal to explain the situation. She asked why the kids had beat me up. I said, “They were calling me gay.”

Her response was, “Well, are you?”

My, “I don’t know,” earned a call to my parents, and I was outed. Efforts were made to keep me from seeing Dom. Throughout high school, Dom’s stepmother intensified these efforts. He slept in the basement of the house. Although he was an incredibly talented student, he was prohibited from participating in any extracurriculars. He suffered a lot of physical abuse during those years.

The day he turned 18, he packed up everything he had and walked to my house, and we’ve lived together ever since. Things are better, but they’re not perfect. I’ve had trucks pull up next to me at stoplights and, seeing the pride sticker on my car, through old drinks and garbage into my window. I no longer speak to my dad’s side of the family. I haven’t been to see them for Christmas or Thanksgiving in years. One of my uncles had cornered me at Thanksgiving when I was 17 and said, “I’m not going to judge you, but I’d be happy to break your neck so God can do the judging a little sooner.”

I joined a support group for trans and intersex people. When I joined, 40 people attended regularly. Within the year, the group was half the size it had been. Some couldn’t make it anymore, because they were staying at the shelter, where their stay hinged on them agreeing to instead to attend homophobic sermons. Some were put in correctional therapy. Five of them died. Three of those, I didn’t know, but I knew Alex, the 19 year old who was fag-dragged in Kentucky and died a day later in the hospital, and I knew Stephanie, who went home to Alabama to care for her mom in hospice and was beaten to death with a baseball bat by her mom’s boyfriend.

Tumblr is not reality. The dynamic here does not reflect the dynamic out there. Here’s the part where I finally make a point, and it might be extremely unpopular - but guys, value your allies. Value each other. We are met with enough hate in our daily lives to enter an online safe-space and meet more hate from our own, over petty things. Don’t go after one another over every little thing you find problematic.

Learn to see nuance. Maybe the word “queer” bothers you, and you see a gay man using it as an umbrella term. Maybe someone called a trans man a trans woman because they’re confused about terminology, but the post where they did it was voicing support for the trans community. Maybe someone is just asking a question, wanting to learn more. Stop. Attacking. These. People.

Allies are being driven away. Members of our own community are being ostracized. Others are feeling nervous and estranged, and it’s largely because of places like Tumblr, where the social justice movement is quickly becoming violent and radical. I am begging you, stop nitpicking “problematic” things and start directing your efforts to create real change. When it comes to comes to your allies, forget the “social justice warrior” mentality and put down your torch. Educate calmly. Be respectful. Be understanding. Be forgiving. And I’m certainly not saying that your anger doesn’t have a good place - when you are met with bigots on the street, congress members who want to pass hateful laws, violent protesters, abusive parents, prejudiced teachers, that is when you need to be a warrior. That’s when it counts. In the real world. When you have the opportunity to protect people from real harm. Attacking your would-be allies via anonymous asks is just going to lose us ground in the long run. And we don’t have time for that, not when trans women of color are being murdered every day, not when states are still fighting against marriage equality, not when there are politicians in office who believe that trans people are possessed by demons, not when we’ve just lost 50 brothers and sisters to one gunman, not when the media won’t even admit that the attack was homophobic.

Please step back. Look at the big picture. Look at where we are, globally. Don’t just log on to your safe space and attack your allies over small missteps. That’s like washing the dishes in a house that’s on fire, kids. Let’s fight on the battlefield, and when we come home to each other, let’s just focus on bandaging up our wounds so we can go out and win the war.

June 09 2017



Date a boy who calls you at 4 in the morning just to hear your voice

Bitch better not


writing advice: never italicize words to show emphasis! if you’re writing well then the reader will know and you don’t need them!

me: oh really??? listen up, pal, you can just try an pull italics from my cold, dead fingers

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