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October 05 2017

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Calvin and Hobbes still relevant 25 years later.

October 04 2017


Okay, but the Vault Tec-Rep would have made a better main protagonist than the actual Sole Survivor and I am extremely bitter that I cannot be this Todd Howard self-insert now after seeing that fanart.

Dude just wants his steak-knives and works as a sales rep, but has no idea how screwed up the company is.That’s all we know about him. He’s even more vague than Courier Six. We don’t know if he was married or divorced, if he had children, extended family members, pets, etc. He has no relations to Shaun but that would make it more compelling to find him. Shaun’s not forced onto us like how it is for Sole.

We’re the reason why Shaun’s an orphan. If we hadn’t gotten Nate and Nora and all those other people into the Vault, they would have either died or turned into ghouls, but they would’ve went together. They would’ve had a chance. For any decent person, that’s enough incentive to find that baby. I’m pretty sure every player would feel like the worst person in the world watching Shaun get taken away and knowing all those people in the Vault died because we had a part in it.

Customizing our character wouldn’t be that hard either. Before going to Nate and Nora’s, we’d be in our Vault Tec car and check ourselves out in the mirror. That’s it. Bam. How hard was that Bethesda???

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Greek Mythology | The Muses

Calliope - Epic Poetry, Urania - Astronomy, Polyhymnia - Hymns, Thalia - Comedy, Clio - History, Erato - Love Poetry, Euterpe - Lyric Poetry, Melpomene - Tragedy, Terpsichore - Dance

The Goddesses | The Lovers | The Constellations


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Greek Mythology | The Goddesses of Olympus
Hera Aphrodite Demeter Artemis Athena Hestia

(i want to draw some lovers in greek mythology next :) lmk if you have any suggestions!!)

update: i have prints now at https://society6.com/mohtz :)

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💛 Heart of Gold 💛 updated! Three new pages are now up on Sparkler Monthly.

If you can’t wait for next week’s pages (+gain access to exclusive art and more), you should definitely consider pledging to our Patreon!

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Read SAKANA #471 HERE! 

[Yu-gi-oh voice]: IT’S TIME TO D-D-D-D-DO SOMETHING!! 

What is this comic??:  SAKANA is a slice-of-life, romantic comedy (a sli-li-rom-com, if you will) that takes place in a giant fish market. It follows the lives of a few 20-somethings working at the market, their friends and family, and all the wacky situations they constantly find themselves in despite their best efforts. Basically they all want to date each other, but they’re all terrible at it, and also there’s lots of seafood involved.

Start reading from the beginning HERE!

October 03 2017


my kink is when an npc gives you a side quest but you already completed it without the prompt so you can immediately turn it in for a reward

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Yellow Carnation: disdain or contempt
Geranium: stupidity
Petunia: strong disagreement

How’s your 2017 going?







Let bi boys date girls

Who isn’t letting them……

Gay boys who see me with a girl and say I shouldn’t be allowed in lgbt spaces because I’m actually really straight

Straight girls who see me as their “gay friend” or who say they don’t care about sexuality but wouldn’t date a boy who’s had sex with a boy

Straight people in general who say “isn’t he really just gay” or telling girls that I’m actually gay and faking it with them

Gay people who say that because I have the option of dating a girl I’m the same as the straight people who oppress our community

Gay people who say I’ll never understand oppression or what it’s like to “actually” be gay

So there’s quite a few people not letting them!!

Keep reblogging this post all the comments are people showing how much they hate bisexual people

Biphobes unfollow me, you’re not welcome here. LET👏PEOPLE👏LOVE👏WHO👏THEY👏WANT👏

I haven’t seen a post like this for bi boys, only for bi girls. let’s fix that.

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Customers who get angry when I read them their total cost are so compelling to me. Take charge of your narrative, Janice. Be the hero of your own story. You are the one who is purchasing $113.67 worth of adult zen coloring books, Janice. It’s not me you hate, Janice. It’s not me.


No offence but all my friends deserve happiness and I can’t wait for each and every one of them to feel fulfilled

October 02 2017

#yes ALL aces


support sex repulsed aces
support sex positive aces
support sex neutral aces
support sex negative aces
support sex indifferent aces
support sex favorable aces
support aces who are ace because they’ve been abused
support aces who’ve never been abused in their lives
support aces who love chicken nuggets and dinosaurs
support aces who don’t fit ace stereotypes
support alloromantic aces
support aromantic aces
support aces who aren’t comfortable with their orientation
support aces who couldn’t be more proud of being ace
support neurodivergent aces
support cold and detached aces
support flirty aces
support disabled aces
support aces who have sex
support aces who don’t have sex
support trans aces
support cis aces
support aces who are constantly hated for who they are
support aces who are surrounded by loving and accepting people
support nonbinary aces
support ace people of color
support aces who are told they don’t exist
support aces who are told that it’s just a phase


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Favourite Disney Characters - Lady Adelaide Bonfamille

I remember seeing her for the first time as a child and her grace and beauty blew my mind and that’s when I knew I wanted to be like her when I’m her age



Honestly people who refuse to ship m/f ships because they’re “straight” or whatever are so fucking boring, like I don’t ship people based on gender, I ship based on chemistry. Shipping isn’t activism, you don’t get woke points for having the most “progressive” ship like this is supposed to be fun so fuck off with your fandom policing and get a life.

As a queer person? This. Thank you so much for this post OP.

I have tons of ships both queer and straight and it’s so irritating to see people throw the het ships under the bus or mock people that like them.

Look, I get it. I’m angry about the lack of representation too. But your anger at people shipping things is completely misplaced and doesn’t help anyone! They’re not the ones causing your pain. They’re just people trying to enjoy things.

Harness your anger and use it positively. Make your own works with representation. Make content for your ships. Write to companies that are making these stories. Ask about LGBT characters. These things help.

Yelling at someone because they like a het ship, calling het ships gross or boring, telling people that if they ship it they must be a cishet too (blatantly wrong I know plenty of queer folks that ship het stuff) all that is just you projecting anger and it’s not actually -doing anything-.

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Dude, 2 days, it happened 2 fucking days ago, couldn’t you wait like a week or so?

Nah, let’s do it now. Hugh Hefner was an abusive psychopath whose primary accomplishment was giving male baby boomers their first spank bank material, and they now own the media outlets publishing these eulogies. Marilyn Monroe killed herself at 36 after a lfetime of abuse at the hands of men like Hefner, and he got the last laugh. A few banal liberal op-eds decades ago (when many others were saying the same things) counts for very little.


Friendly reminder that bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and aromantic people do not experience “straight passing privilege”.

Identity erasure is not a privilege, it is oppression.

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September 01 2017

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Thank you Tumblr for exceeding my expectations.
I DEFINITELY thought dad was getting a wiffle bat in the nuts. \o/ this is so much better!!

August 31 2017

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UPDATE || AUGUST 31st|| 2017 || Updates Thursdays

Current readers, click * here * for the update!


You can track #avasdemonupdate for all the updates!

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